What is Wedding Insurance and do I need it?

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Wedding planning is one of the most exciting times of your life, but also can be one of the more stressful. From picking a venue to organizing the guest list and sending out invitations, you have a lot to think about! One of the elements of wedding planning that usually is forgotten is insurance. Most wedding venues will require you to purchase and provide proof of insurance before you are allowed on-site the day of your wedding. What is wedding insurance and why do you need it? We put together a brief guide to wedding insurance to help you check it off your list!

Why do I need it?

Besides being required by the venue, it is one of the cheapest and most important investments for your wedding. You don’t want to be held financially responsible for any accidents on your big day especially if you have alcohol at your wedding. You may also want to consider cancellation insurance if your wedding is dependent upon the weather. 

What is Wedding Insurance?

It can also be called Special Event insurance because it protects you on one specific day from damages and injuries that may occur during the wedding day that you may be held responsible for. You can also purchase policies that provide coverage for Liquor Liability, cancellation or postponement, coverage for your dress, gifts, or even photographs. 

Types of insurance 

Special Event Insurance – This is an insurance policy that helps protect you during a specific event that covers costs if you are found responsible for property damage or an injury that is caused because of the wedding. You can purchase one of these policies through your local insurance agent or online. Some of the most popular sites are Wedsure and Wedsafe. These policies usually cost around $200-$300

Homeowner’s Policy – Some insurance companies will allow you to use your homeowner’s policy to cover the event. Erie insurance customers automatically have coverage for “events” on their homeowner and tenant policies that include additional insured and liquor liability. If using your homeowner’s policy you may need to increase your liability limits or purchase an umbrella policy to satisfy the requirements of the venue. If you are able to use your homeowners there is no extra expense. If you need to purchase an umbrella policy they can cost as little as $80 or can be upwards of $300 depending on a few factors. 

Extra coverages to consider

Wedding Cancellation Insurance – This policy will reimburse you for your financial loses or expenses if you are forced to postpone or cancel your wedding.

Liquor Liability – This coverage is required by most venues and covers you against alcohol-related incidents that occur because of your wedding.

 Additional Insured – Most venues will want to be listed as additional insured on your policy. This protects the venue from having to use their own insurance to repair damages or pay for injuries at their property. 

What you need to show the venue

The venue will want to see that you do in fact have coverage for the big day, and this comes in the form of a Certificate of Liability Insurance. It states who is putting the wedding on (the bride and groom). How much coverage your policy has (liability, liquor, medical, etc.). Where the coverage is to be used (the address of the venue). Who is covered and what time the event is taking place. Here is a sample Certificate:

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If you are getting married in Lancaster and your venue is requiring insurance, give us a call and we will help find the right policy for you. You have enough on your plate planning the wedding, and we are happy to help check off insurance from your to-do list. 



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