Erie Insurance in Lititz, PA

Susquehanna Insurance proudly represents Erie Insurance, operates out of Lancaster, PA, and serves the community of Lititz, PA. Erie Insurance sells auto, commercial, life, and homeowners insurance, each with its add-ons and customizable policies. Founded in Erie, PA, in 1925, Erie Insurance currently stands as the 12th largest auto insurer in the United States.

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Business Insurance

Susquehanna Insurance is known for being a top agent of Erie Insurance, assisting the Lititz, PA community.

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Business owners work hard to keep their companies successful and operational, and proper insurance for such needs is critical for the business, the owner, and all employees. Erie Insurance provides business or commercial insurance, such as commercial auto, bonds, umbrella, workers’ compensation, and general liability insurance.

Contractors also need to protect their businesses, and Erie Insurance has necessary contractors’ insurance available if these circumstances apply to you.

Some related coverage we offer for business owners and contractors include:

Business Insurance

Saves your business from costly claims and protects everyone involved.

Contractors Insurance

Contractors liability insurance is necessary when a party claims your negligence caused property damage or harm to them.

Coverage For Data Breaches

You can rest assured that your business is secure and safe, even if a data breach unexpectedly strikes.

Coverage For Drain & Sewer Backup

Backed-up sewers and drains can damage aspects of your business and put a damper on daily operations. However, this policy can help you pay less out of pocket and experience less frustration.

Employee Dishonesty

You are protected when one of your employees is dishonest or causes issues.

Property Damage Coverage

(For Another Party When Theirs Is In Your Care)

Liability Coverage

Risk Control Services

Homeowners Insurance

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Erie Insurance has a variety of policies for homeowners, and through its exceptional customer service and dependability, we are sure to find the right ones for you. Contact Susquehanna Insurance to learn more about insurance for homeowners and specific perks, including:

Animal Coverage

Backup, Sewer, & Sump Pump Coverage

Liability Coverage

Firearm Coverage

High-Value Item & Jewelry Protection

This protects expensive items and jewelry from harm or theft.

Identify Theft Protection

The stressful circumstances of fraud and identity theft are made easier with protection.

Protection For Home Businesses

Protection For Service Lines

When utility lines and services underground experience damage, you are protected and can quickly access them in your home

Theft Protection

Helps you recover from theft and physical loss.

Some eligible customers may also receive discounts in addition to their already beneficial coverage plans. Erie Insurance offers some of the best, most protective homeowners insurance and is always looking for ways better help clients.

Life Insurance

The life insurance Erie Insurance offers can encompass term policies in 5-year increments and can also be universal or whole life. You may receive a term life insurance policy in as little as 15 minutes without a medical exam.

Life insurance helps protect you and your loved ones during unforeseen times. Lititz, PA, residents experience better protection with life insurance, giving policyholders peace of mind if an unexpected death occurs in the family.


Auto Insurance


You can alter and customize the auto policies by Erie Insurance to fit your needs. Some advantages of Erie Auto Insurance are:

Better Car Protection

Coverage for Pet Injuries

Coverage for Travel Expenses

Decreasing Deductible

Forgiveness For First Accident

You are not penalized for your first accident after being an Erie Insurance customer for at least three years.

Glass Repair Support

New Car Protection

Rate Locks

Rewards For Positive Driving Records & Good Credit Scores

There are also some discounts many customers have enjoyed over the years. These include:

Your plan may include medical expense coverage for you or passengers in an auto accident. Assistance can cover the following situations: car damage, theft, vandalism, accident support, under or uninsured drivers responsible for your auto accident, and liability if you cause vehicle damage to someone or bodily injury with your vehicle.

Other support can include help with legal fees related to an auto accident, bail bonds, and a loss of earnings coverage when you assist a court case or legal matter involving vehicle accidents. You could receive coverage for deployed airbag replacement and finances for returning your stolen car.


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