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Personal Options

You should add your kids to your auto policy as soon as they pass their test and receive their driver’s license. 

No, flooding is not covered under your homeowners policy. You must purchase separate flood insurance in order to be covered. There are however endorsements you can add to your policy which would protect you from water that backs up through your drains or sump pump.

Yes, you can as long as you give them permission. However, you and your auto policy will be responsible for any damages your friend may cause while driving your car.

Yes, it is recommended because it provides extra liability coverage beyond the limits of your auto and homeowners policies. It protects your finances from expensive lawsuits.  

In most cases your auto policy will extend to your rental car as long as you have comprehensive and collision coverage. It must also be a private passenger vehicle and in the US territories 

Commercial Insurance

As soon as you have your first employee on payroll

It provides coverage for your business when the personal identifiable information of your employees or customers is compromised

Discrimination claims are not generally covered by your Business Owners policy; however, there are insurance policies available that do cover claims arising from harassment, discrimination, or other allegations. This insurance is typically called Employee Practice Liability

Yes, you do. Regardless of its size every entrepreneur needs insurance for their business.

Business umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of liability protection by covering costs that go beyond your other liability coverage limits.

Health & Life

Medicare A (Hospital) has an upfront annual deductible before Medicare pays for services; Medicare B (All other Services) has an upfront annual deductible and then reimburses 80% of the Approved Medicare amount.  A Medicare Supplement will help fill in the “gaps” that Medicare A & B doesn’t pay.  Not all Medicare Supplement plans cover the Part B Deductible.  Medicare A & B do not cover prescription drugs so a separate drug plan also needs to be purchased.

Term life is usually the least expensive type of life insurance to purchase but it only is in force for the “term” elected (such as 10, 15, 20 or 30 years).  Whole Life/Universal Life is more expensive but will not expire as long as the premium is being paid

Open enrollment is each year from November 1st until December 15th with coverage being effective 1/1.  There are other opportunities to enroll if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period – loss of group health coverage/retirement/divorce to name a few.

You would have to purchase an individual plan either through the Marketplace (if you can qualify for tax credits) or direct with the carrier during open enrollment or if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

As a small business owner (under 50 employees) you are not mandated by the ACA (Affordable Care Act) to offer group health benefits to your employees.  If you do offer a group health plan that is considered affordable and adequate and your employees decides to go to the Marketplace to get coverage, they will not be able to qualify for tax credits.