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A Contract Surety Bond is used to guarantee that a contractor will perform the duties outlined in a construction contract. The three parties involved in a surety bond are:


The party that has a responsibility to perform some obligation.


A party that will benefit from the principal’s performing the obligation.


The party that promises to pay the oblige if the principal fails to perform the obligation.

Projects of all sizes

Susquehanna Insurance represents several surety companies to help you with your contract bonding needs. We have capacity to handle contract bonds from $1 million to $20 million. Premiums are calculated based on the type and size of the project.

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Examples of Bonds

Miscellaneous Bonds– There are many different types of bonds that address specific needs.

We offer our specialize in a variety of areas including Notary bonds, Contractor license bonds, Lost instrument bonds, Fidelity bonds, and Dealer bonds. 

Notary Bonds

Contractor License


Fidelity Bonds

Dealer Bonds

We have the expertise to provide any of the above bonds to meet your particular needs.

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