When to Add a Car to Your Insurance Policy

Paying too much for car insurance?

When buying a car, when is the right time to call your agent and add it to your Erie insurance auto policy? Many people believe they have to wait until they are at the dealership picking it up, or even the day after to add it to their insurance policy. Still others think they have automatic coverage and don’t call their agent for a few months. We wanted to debunk some of these myths to make the car buying process smoother!

Don’t wait to tell us about your purchase! 
Just bought a new car, truck, or motorcycle? Congratulations! We love to celebrate with our clients over these exciting new purchases. Ideally, you want to let your Erie agent know as soon as possible! That way there is no lapse in coverage and you can drive your new vehicle with peace of mind.

Many people wait until they are at the dealership signing for the car when they call us, which is fine, but many times this occurs after the agency is closed in the evenings, or on weekends. To make the whole car buying experience go smoother you can call your Erie agent a few days before you purchase the vehicle. That way we can ensure that you have coverage the day you pick it up, and provide you with the new Erie insurance id card before even arriving to the dealership. 

What not to do…

  1. Don’t expect the dealership to call us and add the car for you. 9 times out of 10 they never call us and you are left uninsured. You will also want to talk to your agent to make sure you have the correct deductibles and coverages for your new vehicle.
  2. Don’t expect it to be automatically covered. We are insurance agents, not mind readers so unless you tell us, we will have no idea you purchased a new car. In Pennsylvania you have 7 days to call your agent and have your new car added to your Erie insurance auto policy. In those 7 days you do receive automatic coverage in case you forget to call, but don’t rely on this automatic coverage!

What information do we need to add a vehicle to your Erie Auto policy?
When you contact your Erie agent to add a car to your policy, here are the important pieces of information that we will need:

  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) – Each car has a unique 17-character string of numbers and letters. It is found on the driver’s side interior dashboard 
  • Year, make and model 
  • Who’s going to be the primary driver 
  • How will it be used – commuting, pleasure, business, driving for Uber or Lyft etc..
  • How many miles a year are you going to drive – national average is 12,000 a year
  • Choosing coverages / deductibles – Do you need roadside assistance, diminishing deductible, glass coverage, or liability only

Everyone uses their vehicles differently and it is important that we know how you plan to use it so we can customize the coverage for you. 

New vehicle = New ID card 

The only way to verify that your new vehicle has been added to your Erie insurance auto policy is by receiving a new id card. This is your proof of insurance that proves to the dealership, bank, and law enforcement that you do in fact have insurance. Many dealerships will not let you drive off the lot without seeing a copy of the new vehicle’s id card. You should receive a copy from your Erie insurance agent immediately after it has been added to your policy. 

Buying a new vehicle can be overwhelming but don’t let the insurance get in your way! Call your local Erie insurance agent before going to pick up your new car and you won’t have any issues driving off the lot enjoying the new car smell.

If you have any questions about your insurance, or would like to get an Erie auto insurance quote from us, give us a call or stop by one of our offices in Lititz or Lancaster. You can reach us at 717-290-7780 or info@susquehannains.com . Insurance doesn’t need to be complicated, let us help you purchase smarter insurance with confidence! 



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