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What it involves:

When it comes to your toys many people think that their homeowners or auto policy will cover them.

Whether you own off-road vehicles, an RV, motorcycle, or boat, each requires its own specified insurance. Our team is trained to help find the right Smart insurance for each situation allowing you to make memories instead of worrying about costly insurance claims.

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Understand Your RV Options

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RV Insurance:

Before hitting the open road with your Motorhome it is important that you make sure you are properly protected from whatever may go wrong during the journey. Whether you take your camper to the mountains, the beach, or a sporting event, it is your home away from home and it needs to be protected

Insurance for your Motorhome is similar to your car insurance but there are a few nuances and additions that you want to make sure you have included in your policy.

First is enhanced coverage for personal possessions. These are the things that make your RV uniquely yours; Items such as your 70-inch TV, camping equipment, your latest tech gadgets, or other souvenirs you’ve picked up during your travels. These items are valuable to you and our team will help you find a policy that covers your possessions from theft as well as damage from an accident or fire.

Another element of RV insurance you may want to consider is roadside assistance and rental reimbursement. This covers you if you are far from home and have an accident or covered breakdown. It would give you peace of mind by providing a rental car, covering towing expenses, and covering extra
expenses for lodging.

For more info on Motorhome insurance, call our team to find the SMART solution and policy for you!

Understand Your Off Road and ATV Options

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Off-Road and ATV Insurance:

Before hitting the trails, you’ll want to make sure you have the right insurance coverage for your ATV or other off-road vehicles. Each off-road vehicle is unique in its purpose and it needs its own protection that is outside of what your auto and homeowners policy can provide. The trails offer their own risks and our team will make sure that you have the right coverage to keep you safe and secure while you have fun.

Did you know that many homeowners’ policies actually exclude coverage for “toys” such as ATV’s, snowmobiles, some golf carts, and dirt bikes? This leaves you exposed to some hefty unexpected bills if your off-road vehicle is damaged or stolen. To make sure the vehicle is properly covered given its specific type and unique use we will help find you a policy that combines the right coverages.

  • Off-road vehicle policies include coverages such as:
    Collision which pays for damage to your vehicle if you collide with another vehicle or a tree.
    Comprehensive protects you from theft, or if it is damaged from a severe storm.
  • Property damage liability covers you from expenses incurred from an at-fault incident where you damaged someone else’s property.
  • Bodily injury liability covers you against certain accidents if you injure or kill someone while operating your vehicle. This coverage may also provide you with a legal defense if someone injured in the accident files a lawsuit against you


For more info on ATV, snowmobile, side by side, or other off-road vehicle insurance, call our team to find the SMART solution and policy for you!

Understand Your Motorcycle Options

Owning a motorcycle presents an endless opportunity to chase adventure, experience freedom, and belong to a community. There is nothing like the open road; however, it does present its own unique dangers. When purchasing motorcycle insurance, it is very similar to your car insurance but there are a few elements you will want to look out for and consider.

Similarly, to auto insurance, Pennsylvania and most states, require that you carry liability insurance at the minimum. This will pay for the damage to other people’s property and their injuries that occur from an at-fault accident.

To cover your bike for damages in an at-fault accident you can add collision coverage. You can also add comprehensive coverage to your motorcycle policy that would cover it for things such as storms, fire, theft, or vandalism.

If you are like most riders you have customized your bike in some way. Whether it be custom cosmetics, upgrades to the powertrain, or technology such as stereo or GPS, these items can be outlined and added to your policy for extra peace of mind. You may also want to consider roadside assistance and towing coverage so you aren’t stranded midway through your ride.

For more info on motorcycle insurance, call our team to find the SMART solution and policy for you!

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Understand Your Boat Insurance Options

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There is nothing like a relaxing day on the water. Whether you are wakeboarding, fishing, or just hanging out, boating is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon with friends and family. While you are on the water, the last thing you want to think about is your insurance. While boat or “watercraft” Insurance may not be required by law, it is still a very good idea to consider.

Operating and owning a boat presents a lot of risks and opens you up to financial loss since you are still responsible for any damage or injuries you cause whether or not you have insurance to cover it.

A boat is a serious investment and you will want to make sure that it is protected in the event of a collision, damage caused by a storm, fire, and theft or vandalism. The other main element of a Watercraft policy is liability. Liability covers costs associated with damage you cause to other boats, people, as well as the legal costs that may be associated with each.

Another coverage to consider for your boat policy is protection from theft or damage to your personal property that you keep or use on the boat. Whether you own a fishing boat, ski boat, or sail boat, this equipment will vary greatly in price and importance so it is smart to talk to your insurance advisor about the appropriate limit for your boat.

You may also want to consider policies that add extra coverages for “pollution” spillages from your boat, and towing coverage if your boat breaks down on the water.

For more info on boat insurance, call our team to find the SMART solution and policy for you!

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