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“I just moved from out of state and was looking for some renters insurance. Not only did Susquehanna Insurance have very fair prices for solid coverage, my contact person, Matthew Turman offered excellent customer service. He went out of his way to help in areas not related to his job to make my move easier. 6 stars!”

– Jason P. 

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For The Tenant

Even though you don’t own the house, apartment, or condo it is important to make sure that you have renters insurance. Renters insurance protects the things you own from fire, theft, water damage, and the other unexpected things life throws your way. Renters insurance is cheaper than homeowners insurance but it provides some similar coverages. 


  • Contents – This refers to all of the stuff you own in the apartment. Things such as electronics, appliances, furniture, and clothing. The amount of coverage is chosen by you, so the more stuff you have you will want to talk to your agent about a higher amount. If you are just starting out you may be able to save some money by keeping this coverage lower
  • Liability – Like a homeowner’s policy this covers you from financial risk if you are found negligent or legally responsible for another person’s injuries or damages while on your property. It also covers you, if you were to accidentally damage to someone else’s property  
  • Extra Expenses – If you are not able to live in your rented space because of a covered loss (fire, windstorm, water damage, etc..) your renter’s policy helps cover the unexpected living expenses such as a hotel, or meals at a restaurant


Renters insurance is cheap and usually less than $15 a month. Even if your landlord does not require renters insurance we highly recommend you consider buying a policy.

For The Landlord

Owning a rental property can be a great source of income. Whether you have one rental property or a portfolio of hundreds it is imperative that you require each of your tenants to carry tenant insurance. While your primary insurance on the property will cover you for wind, fire, hail, etc. your policy may not cover damage caused by your tenants. For example, if a tenant left for vacation, turned the heat off in January, which then caused the pipes to burst; that is something that they are liable for and you can go to their tenant policy to pay for the damages. 


Requiring rental insurance with specified liability limits will protect your property and your investment. We are happy to talk through what limits you should require and how to ask for proof of their insurance. 

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What Our Clients Say

“Very helpful with explaining everything in a way that someone that has never really dealt with renters insurance before could understand. And… Is very prompt in responding back to their potential clients and current clients.”

– QuiQue Alvelo

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