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Important Property Enhancements To Consider​

Building Ordinance & Law
Flood & Earthquake Coverage​

Business Income


Property Insurance Coverage

Every business has some type of property that should be insured. Buildings, personal property, equipment, inventory, customers property, etc. can be insured under a business property policy.

It is critical that you insure your property with a limit that is adequate to repair or replace the damaged property.  Some property policies include a penalty (co-insurance) if you do not carry an adequate limit. It is extremely important that you work with your agent to determine the correct limits of insurance for the property that you want to cover. 

Property premiums vary by the type of construction, the location of the property, the limit carried and the deductible.  Increasing your deductible will lower your insurance premium. Most of our clients request a $1,000 or $5,000 property deductible.  

Here are a few examples of property related losses.


  • A fire or act of nature (wind, earthquake, flood, etc.) causes damage to your building. 
  • Your building is vandalized 
  • Someone breaks into your business and steals your property
  • A customer’s property was stolen while in you care, custody or control
  • Perishable goods spoil due to a power failure
  • Your business is shutdown due to a loss and you lose income while your property is being repaired or replaced



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Optional Coverage Add-ons

You can broaden your property policy by adding coverage enhancements that can be added to your property policy. Here is a list of some of the important enhancements:


  • Business Income
  • Contingent Business Income  
  • Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Building Ordinance
  • Builders’ Risk
  • Installation Floater
  • Contractor’s Equipment
  • Back-up of Sewer/Drain
  • Cargo coverage
  • Bailee’s coverage
  • Ocean Cargo 



What Our Clients Say

“In business it is important to have professionals in your corner that have the best interest of your company in mind. Understanding your business and what you do on a daily basis is important when it comes to offering business insurance. Susquehanna Insurance has been one of the best decisions Red Rose Sanitation Solutions could have made to handle our business insurance. We have no doubt they will be there if we need them. Thank you Susquehanna Insurance for being in our corner.”
– Red Rose Sanitation Solutions

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We have the expertise to help you determine the amount of coverage you should carry and the types of coverage you should carry. Business property policies are very complex so it’s important to work with agents who have the technical expertise to develop a policy that protects your business. Our agents have been insuring businesses for more than 90 years.

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Commercial property consists of commercially owned buildings, the business owned contents, and the loss of income resulting from a covered loss.
It will mainly cover damage to the building, the loss of the business’s contents, loss of income, and many extra coverages such as changes to county ordinances or laws.
No, not by law but it is usually required by the bank or mortgage company if there is financing involved
Insurance companies use building cost estimators to calculate the replacement cost of the building. The business owner or accountant should provide the list contents and inventory that the business wants insured.
You can purchase either a very simple “commercial fire” policy that provides limited coverage, or a business owners package that provides coverage for liability, buildings, and contents.