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Your biggest investment is your home.

Your house is more than just four walls it is probably one of your biggest investments. Whether you are buying your first home or your 10th, securing the right homeowner’s insurance is a crucial part of the homebuying process. Home insurance does more than just protect you from a fire, or simply fulfill a bank loan requirement. It is a powerful tool that, if written correctly, will protect your home inside and out as well as all of your stuff. 


Our goal at Susquehanna is to utilize our network of top-rated insurance companies to find the right home insurance policy to protect your greatest investment. We know that when you own a home you can expect the unexpected and that’s why our main focus is providing the coverage you need all while making sure we keep the costs down to fit into your budget.


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What you need to know about homeowners insurance:


The dwelling refers to the actual structure of your home, the roof, walls, and finishings. The dollar amount is the amount you are covered for and what the insurance company thinks it will cost to rebuild your house. Your policy may give you increased dwelling if you are covered with “Guaranteed Replacement cost” or “extended replacement cost”.

Other Structures

This refers to things on your property such as sheds, fences, detached garage, or swimming pool, or any structure that is not attached to the house.

Medical Payments

If someone gets injured on your property this coverage pays their medical bills.

Personal Contents

This is an important element of the homeowner’s policy and protects things such as appliances, furniture, or clothing, etc.. from damage resulting from a claim or even if they are damaged, stolen. A good way to think about content is if you flipped your house upside down, everything that fell out would be considered personal content. Everything that would not fall out is considered part of the dwelling coverage.

Liability Coverage

Protecting your house is a big deal but so is protection from financial risk. This part of your homeowner’s insurance protects your family if you are found negligent or legally responsible for another person’s injuries or damages while on your property or anywhere in the world.

Loss of Use

Loss of Use – If you experience a claim such as a fire and are unable to live in your home this coverage pays for additional expenses you may experience because of the fire. It will pay for you to live in a hotel, meals in a restaurant, and other similar extra expenses. Most policies cover for a duration of time (12 to 24 months) and/or percentage of the dwelling amount (10-20%).

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Things to consider

The above coverages are generally included in a homeowners policy but there may be additional coverages you may need and or want to add. Our Susquehanna team is trained and able to help you determine what below additional coverages you may benefit from.

  • Backup of sewer and drain 
  • Scheduled Jewelry/firearms/high-value possessions
  • Identify Theft
  • Underground Service-line coverage 
  • In-home business 
  • Ordinance or law


There are many other endorsements or additional coverages available. We recommend calling your local agent to talk through what you may or may not need.

Keep Your information updated

When owning a home, it is also important to keep your home inventory updated. Home inventories are not required but are very helpful when working through a claim.

We recommend taking photos or videos of your belongings and storing them outside of your home.

There are also some free apps to help inventory your possessions such as “Know your Stuff” and “My Home”

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We can get you a custom quote for your home - are you ready?


A typical homeowners policy will cover your house, your personal property, other structures such as a shed, deck, or swimming pool. It also provides liability coverage for you and your family both at your house and away from it.
Find a local independent insurance agent, share details about your home, and any additions or improvements you have made. Choose a policy that provides the most coverage for the best price.
When looking at different quotes you should compare the Coverage A (dwelling amount), Coverage, Coverage C (Personal Property), liability amounts, deductible, and any extra coverages provided such as backup of sewer/drain, underground service line, etc. Independent agents can help you show multiple companies and save money.
The day of the settlement or as soon as you take over ownership. If you are building a new house, they may require you purchase it while the home is still being built.
It can take anywhere from a few hours to a week based on the complexity of the home and situation
Finding a homeowners policy will be more difficult If the home is not owner occupied, if it is not maintained, or if the homeowner owns a dangerous dog breed