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Life Insurance Coverage

Life insurance is one of the biggest investments you can make in securing the future of your loved ones. While life is unpredictable, we can help you create a plan to make sure your family is taken care of if the unexpected happens. Life insurance has many options which can be confusing, our team is trained to help you decide which is best for your family and your individual situation.

There are many ways to calculate how much life insurance you may need, but one of our favorites is the DIME formula.
Debt and final expenses – Add up all of your debts outside of your mortgage
Income – Figure out how many years your family would need your income support and multiply your income by that number
Mortgage – Calculate how much you have left to pay on your mortgage
Education – Estimate how much it would cost to send your kids to college

Debt + (Income x # of years needed) + Mortgage + Education = Amount of Life insurance needed

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Understand Life Insurance Options

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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance options allow you to pay regular premiums for a set period and the policy only pays out if you die during this period, making it the most affordable plan.  Your premium will not increase during the guaranteed policy period (term) you elect.

Whole Life Insurance

Our Whole Life Insurance plan is designed for you to pay premiums until you die at which time the policy pays out to your beneficiary.  It does build some cash value which you can take out while you are still living.

Universal Life Insurance

The Universal Life plan, similar to the Whole Life plan, enables you to pay premiums until you die but you have more flexibility with taking cash values out early.  

Group Life Insurance

The Group Life Insurance plan helps protect your employees and their families at very competitive rates. If you have other employees to recognize in your decision, this is a great option to cover your bases. Buy-Sell Life and Key Man Life are also available for your business depending on your needs.

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