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Umbrella insurance is an extra policy that provides additional liability coverage over the top of your car, homeowners, and other insurance policies. It can also be referred to as excess liability insurance. It provides a fail-safe and protection of your savings and other assets if you were to be sued for an amount over your primary insurance.  

An Example

For example, if your auto policy covers liability up to $300,000 but you cause an accident injuring the other driver. The other drivers’ medical bills add up to $500,000. Your auto insurance will pay out the first $300,000 and the Umbrella insurance will cover the remaining $200,000. If you did not have umbrella insurance in this example, you would be personally responsible for covering the remaining $200,000.

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Who needs umbrella insurance?

  • Homeowners who own things that can lead to injury or lawsuits:
    • Dogs – some breeds may be excluded from your homeowners and subsequently your umbrella insurance 
    • Swimming pools
    • Trampolines
  • Individuals who own a home in an urban area
  • People near retirement or who want to protect their savings especially individuals with a high net worth
  • Involved in activities that increase your chances of being sued
    • High-risk sports such as hunting, skiing, contact sports
    • Volunteering or working with a non-profit 
    • Coaching or interacting with kids 


While the above examples are individuals who may have an increased need for umbrella insurance, everyone could benefit from having their own umbrella insurance.

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