3 Reasons Why You Want Your Car Insured with Erie Insurance

Paying too much for car insurance?

With all of the options available to one browsing the auto insurance market, it is understandable why finding the best insurance provider seems like an impossible feat to so many. Here at Susquehanna Insurance, we get it. We understand the cycle of trying to find new insurance, getting overwhelmed by the process, and ending up exactly where you started. One of the companies we represent is Erie Insurance – continue reading to find out why they might be the simple solution to your auto insurance search.

  1. Erie Rate Lock

Once you’ve received your quote and locked in your rates with Erie through their Rate Lock program, your premium does not increase unless you make a major policy change (think adding or removing vehicles and drivers, or relocating). With Erie Rate Lock in force, you are guaranteed the rate you signed up for even with the occasional accident or traffic violation. Though this may sound similar to what is typically advertised as “Accident Forgiveness,” the actual benefit of accident forgiveness only applies to your FIRST accident. Even if you consider yourself a perfectly safe driver, consider a Rate Lock program as an investment. Why? Even with a clean record, your auto policy can still increase solely due to inflation. Rate lock will protect your premium from the effects of inflation on your insurance upon renewal. 

  1. Competitive Rates. 

Erie Insurance is quite selective in who -and where- they insure (hint: this is why they can offer the exceptional rates that they do). If you have a good driving record- Erie considers a record with no more than two accidents and no tickets to be ‘good’- you would most likely profit from purchasing an Erie auto policy. Once you do purchase an Erie insurance auto policy you can expect your premiums to be fairly consistent, and even the exact same if you purchase the Rate Lock option. Many auto insurers will entice customers with a low initial rate but then quickly raise the price every 6 months. With Erie, you don’t have to worry about this price gouging and you can be confident with your policy year after year.

  1. Extra Coverages

A lot of our clients first coming to us think that all auto insurance is created equal. Unfortunately, despite insurance appearing to be a pretty ‘cut-and-dry’ matter, the opposite tends to be true. Every insurance company operates differently, offers widely varying coverages, and handles claims with different levels of integrity and care. Erie Insurance is arguably one of the best companies to deal with when filing claims. When filing a claim, you receive an assigned adjustor to correspond with, excellent claim rates, and various other perks such as rental car coverage when your car is in the shop after an accident. 

It doesn’t end there, Erie’s auto policy has some pretty unexpected coverages, like pet injury coverage. If your pet is injured in an auto accident, they’ll cover up to $500 of the vet bills. A few other beneficial coverages to consider asking about for your Erie auto policy include 

  • Emergency Roadside Service Coverage- Stranded? Keys locked in the car? For roughly $5 more per vehicle, the Roadside Service Coverage will cover the cost of towing, locksmith, and other roadside servicers… 
  • Diminishing Deductible– Take up to $500 off of your deductible over the course of 5 years.
  • New Car Protection- If your new vehicle is totaled, Erie will pay the cost to replace it with a model that is two years newer. They will reimburse you cost of the newest model if the vehicle is less than two years old, and the only expense to you in both of these scenarios is your deductible.

…The list goes on. Feel like Erie may be the insurance company for you? If you’re interested in knowing what YOUR Erie insurance quote would be, give us a call at (717) 290-7780 or check out our website www.susquehannains.com . We’re happy to take care of the hard stuff for you and tailor endorsements and coverages to fit your needs. At Susquehanna Insurance, we’re bringing clarity and simplicity to your insurance needs. Give us a call, brows our website, and we hope to see you soon!



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