Our 3 Favorite Things About Erie Insurance Auto Policies

Paying too much for car insurance?

Did you know that not all auto insurance companies are created equal and not every auto policy is the exact same? Today, we’re going to talk about our three favorite features of the Erie Insurance Auto Policy

1) Roadside Assistance and Rental Reimbursement – This is a really cool feature, and protects you if you ever stranded on the side of the road because your car is broken down, if your battery is dead, if you happened to lock your keys in your car. This coverage will also pay for a tow truck to pull your car out of a snowbank. You would also be able to call a local tow company to tow your car a “reasonable distance”. You don’t need to wait for an Erie-approved tow company, just call the closest company and send us the bill.  The second element of this coverage is rental reimbursement. If your vehicle is in the shop for a week because of an accident, Erie will pay for you to have a rental car for that period of time. That way you don’t need to rely on friends, family, Uber, anything like that to get to and from work, the grocery store, or friends’ houses. 

2) Erie Rate Lock – Erie Insurance has this really cool product that’s called Erie Rate Lock. Essentially it means that your rate is locked in and will not change until you make a change to your policy. This is an awesome feature because you can count on your Erie auto insurance premium to be the exact same year after year regardless if you have an accident, speeding tickets, or the cost-of-living increases. The only time your Erie auto premium will change is when you add a driver, add/remove a car, or change your address.

3) Discounts!!! Erie Insurance is one of the best companies we work with when it comes to giving substantial discounts on your auto policy. Some of the most common Discounts you could be eligible for are:

  • safe driving discount (no tickets or accidents)
  • car safety equipment discount (alarm, lock system, air bags, etc.) 
  • Multi-car discount (if you have two more cars on your policy)
  • Multi-policy discount (bundling your home, auto, umbrella, life with the same company) 
  • Reduced usage discount (Not driving your car more than 12,000 miles a year)
  • Young drivers discount (Qualified young drivers) 
  • Pay plan discount (If you pay in full you get a discount.

Erie Insurance is consistently rated as one of the top auto insurance companies in PA, we love being an Erie Insurance Agent. Those are our top 3 favorite features of an Erie Insurance auto policy, but there are many other features that make Erie one of the best. 

If you have any questions or if you would like an Erie Insurance auto quote, we’d be happy to provide one. Give us a call 717-290-7780 or check out our website, www.susquehannains.com. Reach out to any one of our agents, we’d be happy to help you with an Erie Insurance auto quote. At Susquehanna Insurance, we bring clarity and simplicity to your insurance needs.



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