3 Favorite Features of Westfield Insurance Auto Policy

Paying too much for car insurance?

Westfield insurance has always been a top-rated insurance company. Today we are going to share our three favorite things about a Westfield Insurance auto policy. 

  1. Roadside assistance – Westfield Insurance offers the option to add this valuable coverage to your policy. It is a great feature to have on your auto policy because if your car is stuck on the side of the road due to a flat tire, battery’s dead, you run out of gas, or if your car just breaks down; you will never be completely stranded. Using Westfield’s service, you will be able to contact a local tow company to come out and assist you. The expenses of the jump, tow, unlocking, etc. are covered under your Westfield Insurance auto policy.
  1. WesPac – Westfield has a unique product called a Wespac that bundles your home and auto together. Most companies give discounts for bundling your home and auto but Westfield goes above and beyond that by offering more benefits when bundling. You not only receive extra discounts but you also get loan and lease coverage, trip protection, and increased replacement cost coverage. These three things you wouldn’t get on a standalone auto insurance policy from Westfield Insurance, but you do if you buy your home and auto together and get a WesPac policy through Westfield Insurance.
  1. RVs, motor homes, and camper’s coverage – Some insurance companies are not the best with these types of vehicles because they charge them as any other typical car, but these vehicles are very different. They are a lot bigger, they are expensive, there are many elements to them and they typically have a considerable amount of personal property in them at any given time. Westfield insurance allows you to customize coverages for each type of RV or camper you have. With the flexibility comes competitive rates because you aren’t paying for something that you may not need or your specific camper may not even have. 

Those are three things that we love about Westfield Insurance auto policies. Westfield insurance can be extremely competitive and provides great coverages. We love being a Westfield Insurance agent and we would be happy to provide a quote for you. If you’d like, any more questions about Westfield Insurance or how we can find you a quote, give us a call, check out our website, or email us. At Susquehanna Insurance, we bring clarity and simplicity to your insurance needs.



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