How to Get an Erie Insurance Auto Policy

Paying too much for car insurance?

Have you been hearing that you need an Erie Insurance Auto policy? Have you heard that they have the best rates and service in Lancaster PA? Do you know how to get an Erie auto quote? Keep reading and we will give you a step-by-step guide!


Erie Insurance is the 13th largest auto insurance company in the country and they only write in 12 states. They are selective where they do business so that they can specialize in that area and provide extremely competitive rates and services. They don’t need to worry about wildfires out west, or hurricanes down south, which helps keep premiums low for their customers. 


Erie Insurance solely writes through independent insurance agencies. Independent agents can offer a variety of insurance companies to their customers. They don’t work for a single insurance company but instead, they work for you shopping around for the best quote. Erie uses independent agents because of their ability to service clients locally and provide insurance expertise. 

You cannot get a quote directly from Erie’s website or calling their main office. They will point you to a local independent agent. 


How to find an agent that writes Erie auto insurance in Lancaster PA. There are three primary ways to do your own research and find Erie auto insurance agency. 

  1. Online Research: Google search Erie Insurance agents near me and you will find a list of agents in your area. You can see the agents reviews and ratings, their hours, and a view of their building. You may also want to visit their website and learn more about their team, their core values, their mission statement. 
  2. Ask for referrals: Family members, friends, and neighbors may work with Erie Insurance and might have an agent they love working with. So, ask them, they’re a great resource to help you figure out who might be a good fit for you. 
  3. Interview: After you have reviewed a few agencies, give them a call! See how quickly they answer the phone, how friendly they are, and how knowledgeable they are. 

Do you qualify?

Erie is a premier insurance company which means that they are selective in who they will take on as a customer and not everyone will qualify. If you are coming from a higher-risk company like GEICO, or Progressive, you have to be squeaky clean in the past three years. That means no tickets, no accidents, no violations, in the past three years to qualify for an Erie Insurance auto policy. If you currently have a standard insurance company like State Farm, Nationwide, or Liberty Mutual to name a few, you cannot have more than 2 violations in the past 3 years to qualify for an Erie Insurance auto policy. So, not everybody does qualify for Erie Insurance, but if you do, they have some of the most competitive auto rates of anybody in the 12 states that they write in. 

Getting a Quote:

So, you found your local agent that you want to work with. You have checked out and you know that you qualify for Erie Insurance. The next step is to set up a meeting or a phone call with a local agent to walk through getting a quote. Some of the things you will need to get your auto quote:

  • Your address
  • Your birthday 
  • driver’s license number
  • VIN of your vehicle(s)
  • how many miles you drive and what you use your car for

Also, it would be very helpful if you could bring in your current auto policy. That way we can compare it to the Erie Insurance auto quote and figure out the liability limits, your deductibles and see how they align. 

Switching to Erie Insurance:

After obtaining an Erie auto quote and deciding that you want to switch, there are only a few steps to purchase the policy. You will need to pick an effective date, a pay plan, and answer the underwriting questions. You will then need to sign the applications and give them back to your agent. In exchange the agent will provide you a copy of the id cards for your vehicles and you are good to go!

Erie Insurance is one of the best companies for auto insurance in Lancaster PA for your car because of their great rates, the outstanding service, and your ability to choose the agent that you want to work with.

You don’t get stuck with an 1-800 number, or a captive agent that can only sell you one type of policy, but you get to choose an independent Erie insurance agent in Lancaster.

If you have any questions about Erie Insurance, or how to get your insurance auto quote, feel free to give us a call. We would love to introduce you to our superior service model and provide you with an Erie insurance auto quote. 



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