5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Erie Auto Insurance in Lancaster PA

Paying too much for car insurance?

Shopping for insurance can be confusing and overwhelming. How do you know what company is the best for you? Erie Insurance is one of the strongest companies in our area, so we compiled 5 of our most asked questions to help you decide if they are right for you. 

Is Erie Insurance Available in Lancaster, Pennsylvania?

The answer is YES! Erie Insurance writes in 12 different states, including the District of Columbia, and Pennsylvania is one of those 12 states. Erie’s footprint consists of much of the Mid-Atlantic region extending as far south as North Carolina. 

One of the biggest complaints of Erie insurance is that they are not available in more states. If you are looking for an Erie auto policy in Lancaster PA, their limited territory is actually good news for you. Erie controls where they do business to help keep costs down for their customers. 

Is Erie Insurance a Good Company?

When it comes to what makes a good insurance company, people have a variety of different opinions. The first thing that comes to mind for many people is how good their agent is, their claim experiences, and price increases. In the insurance and financial industry, however, we determine a company’s strength based on its AM Best rating. AM Best uses a letter grading scale to rate a company’s financial strength. This is important to you because you will want a company that will be able to pay your claim in the event of a loss.   

Erie Insurance is rated A+ with AM best, which is one of the highest ratings a company can receive. 

Yes, financially speaking, Erie Insurance is a good company, but it doesn’t end there. They are also continually one of the highest-rated in terms of service and price. 

How Much is Erie Car Insurance a Month? 

Bankrate did an in-depth analysis of Erie insurance auto policies and they found out that Erie Insurance costs about $100 on average a month, which comes out to $1,233 a year. 

Comparing Erie to the national average they are $400 less expensive than the other insurance companies. The average monthly premium for car insurance with other insurance companies is $139 a month or $1,674 for the year. So if you have an auto policy in Lancaster Pennsylvania and you are paying more than $100 a month, you may want to give us a call.

What’s the Difference Between Erie Insurance and Companies on TV? 

When people are shopping for insurance, they generally weigh the difference between the big insurance companies that they see on TV, like State Farm or Progressive, versus the more localized ones that you don’t hear about on TV, like Erie insurance. Is an Erie auto policy the same as a Progressive auto policy? The answer is no. 

There is a variety of differences between large and localized insurance companies. JD Power and Associates give Erie an “Excellent” rating, while they give Progressive a “Below Average”. Here are some of the factors that go into this rating.

One is the service level. Erie insurance has exceptional customer service both in their auto policy servicing as well as in their claims department. You will have a local agent you can work through to answer any questions and help you navigate claim scenarios. Erie doesn’t advertise because they rather invest in their people and customers. 

If you have a question on your Progressive policy on the other hand you will most likely have to call the 1-800 number and work through their customer service hotline, deal with automation until you finally reach the right person you need to speak with. 

Another factor is how expensive the premiums are. Erie Insurance is very particular in who they write. They only write people who are good drivers, who don’t have a lot of accidents or tickets. On the other hand, Progressive will write everybody and anybody. If you have three DUIs, for example, Progressive has no problem providing you with a quote. Erie Insurance will not write you until you’re clean for at least a few years. That’s one of the ways Erie Insurance keeps their premiums for auto insurance in Lancaster way lower because of their strict underwriting. With Progressive, the premiums are way more expensive for good drivers than they would be with another company like Erie Insurance.

Can I Get an Erie Insurance Auto Quote in Lancaster, PA? 

Lastly, are you able to get a quote with Erie Insurance if you live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania? The answer is yes, geographically, because Erie writes in Pennsylvania. However, you have to have a clean driving record. They don’t write just anybody, as we talked about in the last FAQ. You have to have no more than two violations, like a speeding ticket or an accident, in the past three years if you’re coming from a standard carrier. If you currently have insurance with a higher-risk carrier, like Progressive, The General, or Geico, you will need to have a spotless record over the last 3 years to get into Erie Insurance. 

So, if you have a clean driving record, you live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Erie auto insurance might be the right option for you.

We at Susquehanna Insurance are an Erie Insurance agent, based in Lancaster and Lititz, PA. So if you’d like a quote from Erie or to learn more about Erie Insurance auto policies, give us a call, or check us out online. 

We’re happy to help you out and get some quotes and compare your policy to what Erie Insurance might be able to provide. At Susquehanna Insurance, we’re bringing clarity and simplicity to your insurance needs.



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