Homeowners Insurance

While the purchase of a home may be your largest asset, it can also be a huge liability. There are many legal responsibilities that come with owning a home such as liability for personal injuries on your property, damage caused by storms and fire, as well as theft of personal property. Purchasing a homeowners insurance policy not only protects your home and your possessions, it is required by most mortgage companies to qualify for a loan.

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Give us a call or visit our office to discuss the best home, condo or renters insurance that fits your specific needs. Each home will require different coverage based on the value and other characteristics of your property and home.

Standard Coverage:

  • Broad coverage to your house and permanent structures on your property
  • Damage to your personal property
  • Personal Liability

Susquehanna Insurance Agency has a wide range of coverage options. Call 717-290-7780 or 800-826-2579 to discuss them with one of our licensed insurance agents.