Susquehanna Insurance Acquires Affinity Insurance Associates

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We at Susquehanna Insurance have exciting news to share. On July 1, 2021, we acquired Affinity Insurance Associates in Lititz, Pennsylvania. We are very excited because this acquisition makes us a two-location agency. We are now offering one location in Lancaster, off of Delp Road, and a second off of East Lemon Street in Lititz. We think this is a great merger for us- we’re excited about the opportunity to grow in Lititz, invest in the local Lititz market, and make our agency even stronger with this addition.

First, a little bit about Susquehanna Insurance. We were founded in 1994 by Jim Martin. He started the agency in York County, but soon moved over to Centerville Avenue in Manor Township- where the agency was up until 2006. It was in 2006 that Jim and Delbert built our Lancaster office space on 650 Delp Road, where we have resided ever since. Up until this July, we’ve been operating out of one location, specializing in commercial and personal insurance. As the agency grew, we started planning and making strategic decisions that would allow us to grow to two locations in the future. We had our eye on Lititz and when the opportunity arose with Affinity, we jumped on it.

Now, for some history on Affinity Insurance. Affinity Insurance was started in 2001 by Steve Guion. Steve has been in the insurance industry for a long time. He had been in various underwriting positions for different companies before starting his own agency. When Steve got a contract with Erie Insurance, he became the Erie agent in Lititz. He was initially behind an antique shop next to Wilbur Chocolate Factory, but relocated a few years ago to where it is now on East Lemon Street. We love Lititz, its historic downtown makes it one of the coolest small towns in America, and we are really excited to have our second location there. We’re also beyond thrilled to be representing Erie Insurance in Lititz, Pennsylvania. There are a lot of great insurance agents in Lititz, but we are the only ones representing Erie Insurance. We think that it is an awesome opportunity for our business, and for our clients. 

We are keeping the location but changing the name to Susquehanna Insurance. We are excited to bring Susquehanna’s superior customer service to Lititz, and our agents in both locations are ready to help with your car and homeowners’ insurance. We’re excited to offer two locations to serve our customers better and continue to grow and support you in the Lancaster and Lititz markets. Thanks, and we’ll see you in Lititz!



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